Market Rules v7 (draft)

As part of the changes to fee structure, an amended version of the market rules has been published, effective 1 December 2016.

Version 7 (draft) incorporates:

  • Adding the new Statement of Charges (note: the new Statement of Charges will take effect on 1 November 2016)
  • Making the invoicing provisions and fee terminology consistent with the new Statement of Charges (including changes to, and clarification of, when fees are payable)
  • Clarifying that Tax Invoices and Buyer-Created Tax Invoices are not issued to Participants that are not active in a month
  • Updating the participant Agreement to match the current version
  • Making minor typographical and formatting corrections.
  • [urgent] Noting that settlement statements may include credit notes if applicable, and reference to the GST Act in the relevant section (Section 16, c16.3 and c16.7)

The latest changes (as at 23/11/2016) can be viewed in the emsTradepoint Market Rules v7 (draft). [PDF, 920 KB]

A marked-up version is also available for download here [PDF, 949 KB].